When I think about reasons why I tend to avoid monthly planning a few things that come to mind are the overwhelming amount of days I have to focus on, what birthdays I maybe  missing, holidays, and really everything else in between. 	I told myself moving forward into the new year I was going to start tackling the things first that I have tended to avoid in the past and with that being said Monthly planning is this weeks main topic.  Shanice from @PlannersandTacos really inspired me to “fill the void” in the days of the month that may not have much going on, however, there’s always something going on for the day. That something could be a simple wacky holiday like “Pistachio day” or a special event like an  anniversary or birthday.  	Filled with inspiration from Shanice’s instagram feed I prepared to plan out my month in advance. I started with organizing upcoming birthdays by verifying dates via the Facebook calendar. I then noted important dates like payday’s, major  holidays, and any upcoming events. 		Now that I have all my notes I am ready to start playing with my stickers! The ScribblePrintsCo B6 monthly sticker kits fit our monthly overview inserts  perfectly and paired with the OnceMoreWithLove wacky  holidays I have a perfect foundation for the month.


  • Shanice G.

    Thanks for the shoutout! I like to look at my monthlies as a quicker way to remember the important things that happened that month. Wether it a birthday, holiday, or finally getting to go to a planner meetup. I use the monthly pages as a happy reminder for that month.

  • Cain

    How do you tackle your monthly planning?

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